Sunday School

Sunday School

A church without Sunday school is like a house without children. A generation which fears the Lord is the most valuable asset for a church and a Country. We started the Sunday school in 2003. Now, by the grace of God, we have more than 19 students and six teachers.

Time :  Sunday 8.30 AM - 9.30 AM

Head Master  :  Sr. Ligi Jobi

Teachers  :  Sr. Baby James, Sr. Ligi Jobi, Arun Joseph Christopher, Sr. Jincy Sasi, Sr. Jyothis.


 President :  Pr. Sunny Mathew,

Secreatary :  Sr. Ligi Jobi

Treasurar :  Sr. Jincy Sasi

Former Teachers :  Anil John, Susi George (They were blessing to our Church and 

Sunday School)

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